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Hello, hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!    I have some important dates to update ya'll with!


July 22 - We will be having a meet and greet at Grange Pavillion next to our warehouse from 6-8pm.  

Come, meet your coaches, your teammates, have a freeze pop, and parents will get a ton of information on our upcoming season!


July 25 - We will be having our sizing done at Grange warehouse from 6-8pm.  

Here, you will recieve your practice gear, get your uniform for the upcoming season, and be sized for all your uniform pieces that need to be ordered (crop top, sneakers, bloomers, sox, rain jacket and warm up jacket if purchased)   IF YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS, YOU MUST EMAIL ME PRIOR TO THE SIZING DATE!   I will not hold the order and if you order late, you may not receive your pieces in time, resulting in you having to possibly miss cheering at the first game.   


July 31 - First day of practice!    We will have practice every TUESDAY and THURSDAY from 7/31 until school begins from 6-8.   Flag practice will be from 6:30-7:30.   

Once school begins - practice will be MONDAY from 6:30-7:30.    


PICTURE DAY -  8/7, - Raindate 8/14